Bamboo Eco-resort & Wellness Spa - St. Mary, Jamaica
Design & Development Team
Stylish architectural design, sophisticated bamboo construction, environmentally sustainable resort operations and a positive community impact are key elements in the overall concept for Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa. The project’s Design & Development Team consists of experienced industry leaders who specialize in Sustainable Resort Development, Organic Architecture, Eco Spa Design, Renewable Energy, Bamboo Building and Ecological Wastewater Treatment.
Sustainable Resort Development - Canopy Development
Canopy Development is a leader in sustainable resort development. Bamboo Eco Resort has partnered with Canopy Development to collaborate with the Architects, Engineers and Designers to manage the development process and integrate the needs of the local community. Canopy Development is excited to work in Jamaica and shares Bamboo’s desire to create resorts that offer luxury, sustainability and health & wellness.
Organic Architecture - Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates
Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates, located in Malibu, California, is a group of Architects, Contractors and Ecological Designers who are dedicated to working within the natural design element by using innovative materials and technologies that lessen the environmental impact of building. Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and his Associates will design sophisticated bamboo buildings, incorporating classic Wright architectural elements such as spectacular interior design, and a blurred line between indoor and outdoor spaces. Eric believes that Bamboo Eco Resort represents a ground-breaking integration of classic organic design philosophies coupled with today’s innovations in green building.
Eco Spa Design - Amy MacDonald & Associates
Working with the Development Team to create the Wellness Spa is Amy McDonald & Associates, an internationally recognized leader in resort spa development. Amy McDonald, a 25 year veteran in the Spa Industry, is the co-creator of the world’s first ecologically sustainable luxury resort spa, El Monte Sagrado, in Taos, New Mexico and select clients include Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Elite Resorts & Spa and the award-winning Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Amy will also work with Bamboo to create holistic spa programs and activities that integrate traditional healing concepts from Jamaica, along with a variety of services found in high-end resort spas.
Renewable Energy Systems - Malibu Solar
Malibu Solar is a renewable energy company specializing in and consulting on commercial and residential solar electric projects in Southern California. Malibu Solar installs state-of-the-art, design integrated solar electric systems for high-end clients. Co-Founded by James Burr, CEO of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, Inc., Malibu Solar will design, access, and install equipment for the Resort’s integrated solar PV powered grid system, solar hot water system, and high efficiency geothermal HVAC as a part of the Total Renewable Energy System (TRES).
Bamboo Building - Bamboo Technologies Bamboo Technologies will provide expertise throughout the development process. Bamboo Technologies has mastered the craft of bamboo construction and the manufacturing of bamboo structural poles. Bamboo Eco Resort will work with Bamboo Technologies to develop the resorts on-site bamboo building workshop as a place for training, the production of bamboo building materials and the building of custom designed bamboo furniture to outfit the entire resort.
Ecological Wastewater Treatment - Living Designs Group
Living Design Group is a group of architects, engineers and ecologists who specialize in the holistic integration of water, energy and green building systems. They will work with Bamboo Eco Resort’s Design Team to develop both freshwater and wastewater systems, including a ‘Living Machine’ ecological wastewater treatment system designed to mimic the cleansing functions of a wetland. The ‘Living Machine’ will allow the resort to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner.