Tropical Wellness Spa


The Wellness Spa at Bamboo Eco Resort will have a central theme of a tropical garden paradise, featuring waterfalls, exotic flowers, flowing streams, and Jamaican fruit trees. The Spa will offer one of Jamaica’s premier Spa destinations and offer travelers the potential for life changing experiences while on vacation through Yoga and meditation, weight loss, stress reduction, preventative medicine, anti-aging programs, nutritional analysis, cannabis-centric health & wellness, and physical fitness training. The Spa will offer guests the opportunity for positive health transformation in a relaxing, nurturing, and healing environment.

Cannabis Healing Center

Jamaica has a long history of utilizing cannabis for medicine and is world renowned as a cannabis culture thanks to the island's Rastafarian community who use the herb for healing, meditation, and sacrament. The island is home to world renowned cannabis researchers and experts and boosts some the world’s finest quality outdoor grown cannabis. This makes Jamaica the ideal travel destination for cannabis-centric health and wellness. The Cannabis Healing Center will be dedicated to educating guests on the many natural healing properties of the cannabis plant and offering a variety of advanced medical cannabis therapies, nutraceuticals, and spa treatments.

The Spa will be a place where visitors come to experience natural healing and relaxation

through hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage, natural body treatments,

and a variety of cannabis-centric spa treatments, services, and programs.

Wellness Spa

Wellness Spa - Juice Bar - Yoga Pavilion  

Cannabis Healing Center

Organic Spa

The Wellness Spa at Bamboo will provide guests with the best in natural healing modalities, body treatments, and relaxation techniques from around the world, integrated with local practices and products. Bamboo will feature a beautifully designed green spa facility. The spa will include private treatment rooms and bungalows with magnificent views, wet and dry saunas, a yoga pavilion, an organic cosmetic kitchen, and a natural chemical-free swimming pool, all designed in harmony with the tropical island paradise. The result will be a spa program that further connects guests to the natural world and supports their quest for a relaxing, healing, and luxurious experience.

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