Bamboo Eco Resort has been planned with 

careful consideration given

to community impact

and environmental 


Only a portion of

the site will be 

developed, protecting

both the land and sea

as a nature preserve

Sustainable Resort Development

Innovative Green Building & Design

 Eco Operations and Social Responsibility

The property site where Bamboo is to be developed is a pristine lush tropical paradise. The region boasts a biodiversity of ecosystems and one of the last remaining coastal forests along Jamaica's North coast. 


For this reason, the entire Bamboo development is being planned with careful consideration given to environmental preservation and community impact. This commitment is born out of the developers’ philosophy of sustainable travel, natural living, environmental awareness, and respect for local culture. Through the development of luxury ecotourism and spa travel, Bamboo Eco Resort will also serve as a vehicle to create a positive social and economic impact in rural Jamaica, where it is needed most. The local community welcomes the development of Bamboo Eco Resort and appreciates our commitment to sustainability.

Bamboo's innovative approach to sustainable resort development involves several key factors including, sophisticated bamboo construction, organic architecture, use of renewable energy, ecological wastewater management,

social responsibility, and on-site organic farming.

Sophisticated Bamboo Construction


True to the name, Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa will utilize bamboo as the primary building material for the resort. Bamboo is a versatile and durable material and an excellent alternative to conventional building materials. Bamboo was specifically chosen because of its incredible strength, natural beauty, and renewable qualities.

Bamboo has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel, making it superior to conventional building materials in it's ability to withstand hurricane winds and earthquakes. Additionally, the aesthetic qualities of bamboo offer endless design possibilities, including the use of bamboo materials in modern and sophisticated architecture.

Organic Architectural Design

In 1908, American architect Frank Lloyd Wright coined the term ‘Organic Architecture’ to describe his philosophy of structural design. Wright’s philosophy was “form and function are one”, focusing attention on the importance of natural and appropriate building materials, site integration, passive climatic conditions, and coexistence with the natural elements. Wright’s approach involved an understanding of the relationship between the design and function of the building. At the core of Wright’s Organic Architecture was an attempt to integrate the site and the structure as a union, blurring the line between the inside and the outside.


Organic Architecture the natural choice for the design and construction of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa. It is perfectly aligned with our vision for an environmentally sustainable development that provides solid construction, as well as luxury and comfort for guests. With Organic Architecture, we use natural and sustainably harvested building materials, allowing the resort to blend naturally with the surrounding environment. Bamboo will also benefit from a passive cooling design which offers comfort without the energy demand of conventional air-conditioning. 

Bamboo is designed to be model for sustainable resort development and a vehicle to create a positive community impact 

Use of Renewable Energy

Organic Architecture and

Ecological Design

Create Positive Community Impact


Nature Preserve

and Protect Wildlife Habitat  

On-Site Organic

Food Cultivation 

Use of Green

Building Materials

Protection of


Protection of

Marine Ecosystems  

Organic Farming

The resort’s Organic farm will supply an abundance of fresh vegetables, exotic fruits, culinary herbs, medicinal plants, and tropical flowers for the restaurants, café, juice bar, and the Spa. Bamboo will also facilitate local farmers to achieve Organic Certification by offering them training in organic agricultural methods and guaranteeing them a market for their harvest. This will assure that we have a consistent supply of fresh Organic foods for resort guests.

Social Responsibility

The Parish of St. Mary has a population of 113,000 and a history of a once thriving agricultural industry. Currently, St. Mary is experiencing economic hardship due to a decline in the export of Jamaican bananas. These rural villages are in need of meaningful job opportunities and socio-economic community development. The development of Bamboo Eco Resort will create vitally needed new jobs, vocational training, and additional ‘Green Collar’ employment opportunities not typically associated with resorts. Through the development of luxury ecotourism and spa travel, Bamboo will serve as a vehicle to create a positive economic impact in rural Jamaica, where it is needed most.

Renewable Energy System

Bamboo will utilize a Renewable Energy System, comprised of Solar Electric, Solar Thermal, Biodiesel Generators, and Wind Power to supply 100% of the resort’s power needs. This makes it possible for Bamboo to use the sun and wind for clean power generation, greatly reducing the resort's environmental impact while also generating all of the energy required to power the resort.


Producing energy on-site also reduces the resort's operational expenses as well. Jamaica imports nearly 91 per cent of the island’s energy needs, making electrical costs as much as 5 times higher than the United States.

Ecological Wastewater Treatment

In keeping with the resort's approach to environmentally sustainable operations, Bamboo Eco Resort will feature an on-site, closed loop water procurement, treatment, and reclamation system. Underground springs and rainwater collection will provide an endless supply of fresh water for the resort and Spa. Wastewater will be treated through an ecological wastewater treatment system designed to mimic the cleansing functions of a wetland and will be reclaimed for use in irrigation.

This ecological wastewater treatment system allows the resort to operate without the risk of contaminating groundwater or leaching effluent into the ocean and does not require toxic chemicals to break down solid waste. Additionally, the system's water features are integrated into the Resort site and are both functional and aesthetically beautiful.

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