The vision for Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa is to enhance the quality and diversity of Jamaican Tourism by creating an environmentally sustainable luxury resort, while also providing a positive socio-economic benefit in the local community.

​Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, Inc. (Bamboo) was formed to respond to the growing global market demand for luxury eco resorts and wellness spa destinations. Recognizing Jamaica as an established tourist destination, well suited for eco-tourism, Bamboo has created a pioneering plan to build the island’s premier eco resort and spa. With extensive planning, development, and research, Bamboo has the ability to develop a resort unparalleled in the hospitality industry.


In 1994 Bamboo Eco Resort’s Founders, James Burr and Jill McKenzie Burr, moved to Jamaica to explore sustainable living and island culture. Together they traveled island wide, gaining a passion for Jamaica’s warm friendly people and lush tropical beauty. They discovered the island to be rich in natural abundance, yet many rural villages were vitally in need of sustainable environmental and economic development. James and Jill quickly realized that Jamaica offered an excellent opportunity for ecological resort development, renewable energy production, natural products development, and Certified Organic farming.


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

James Burr is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, Inc. (Bamboo). James, along with his wife Jill McKenzie Burr, is the visionary behind the concept for Bamboo, inspired by a passion to develop luxury eco-tourism and spa travel as a vehicle to spark socio-economic development in rural Jamaica. He has lead the company in developing a strong foundation for success, managing the executive team and the process of creating the design concept and development plan for Bamboo. James is responsible for assembling the resort’s highly experienced world-class Development Team. He oversees all aspects of project planning and development strategies, focusing on assuring that Bamboo will be built and operated as a high-end luxury resort and a model for sustainable development.


James brings a wealth of experience in project planning and management, with an extensive background working on innovative development projects involving ecological design, renewable energy, and green building. He is former Project Manager for Design Integration Group, where he focused on sustainable building and development. He has worked for some of the nation’s leading solar companies, including Permacity Solar, Solar Universe, and Hannah Solar. James Co-Founded Malibu Solar, where he served as Executive Project Manager, specializing in the design of solar solutions for residential and commercial applications.


His background in sustainability, combined with 23 years traveling to and conducting business in Jamaica, gives  James a unique perspective in sustainable Caribbean resort development. He brings a comprehensive scope of knowledge to the development of Bamboo’s facilities and infrastructure, overseeing innovation and design of the resorts operational systems. He is detailed oriented and works closely with Bamboo’s Development Team refining innovative ideas designed to reduce environmental impact and overall resort operational expenses. With his keen understanding of advanced technologies, such as solar power generation and renewable energy production, James has developed alternative solutions to the unique operational needs associated with resort development and infrastructure. 


Founder & President

Jill McKenzie Burr is Founder and President of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, Inc. (Bamboo). Jill, along with her husband James Burr, is the visionary behind the concept for Bamboo, inspired by a passion to develop luxury eco-tourism and spa travel as a vehicle to spark socio-economic development in rural Jamaica. She led the creation of the design concept and development plan, with an eye towards building Jamaica’s premier luxury ecological resort and wellness spa destination. Jill played a major role in assembling Bamboo's world-class Development Team. She oversees project planning, ensuring that Bamboo is designed and built to the highest standards of environmentally sustainable development and social responsibility.

Jill has a wide ranging knowledge of sustainable development, with experience working on innovative projects incorporating ecological design, green building, renewable energy, and community outreach. She Co-Founded and was Director of Business Development for Malibu Solar and is former Director of Operations for Eric Lloyd Wright Architecture & Planning, where she gained great insight into Frank Lloyd Wright's philosophy of Organic Architecture.  Jill's broad experience expands to the non-profit sector, including Co-Founder and Project Director of the Jamaica Community Ecological Learning Center, Program Director of Wright Organic Resource Center, and Board Member of Zero Impact Malibu.

Having traveled to and conducted business in Jamaica for 23 years, Jill has a keen understanding of Jamaican culture and business practices. She is comfortable navigating Jamaica’s regulatory system and leads the project's efforts towards compliance with planning and environmental requirements. She has consulted with high-level Government Ministers on matters of sustainability, advising Jamaica on the natural products industry, solar energy initiatives, and legal cannabis production for socioeconomic island development. 


Co-Founder & Vice President

Douglas P. Murphy is Co-Founder and President of Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa, Inc. (Bamboo). With more than 20 years’ experience building and growing businesses, Doug is recognized for his leadership skills and ability to create successful companies. He brings a wealth of experience to Bamboo, offering an understanding of how to create Bamboo as a model for sustainable resort development and social responsibility, while also focusing on long-term profitability. Spearheading the management of operational, financial, and development strategies, Doug is focused on assuring Bamboo has the necessary structure for successful execution of resort development. With a background in technology and innovation, Doug is keen on utilization of technology to drive Bamboo’s productivity and excel the development process.

Doug is experienced in conducting equity transactions, raising funds, and building companies.  His first company was American Computer Experience (ACE), a highly successful privately held technology education company that served 15,000 students a summer and tens of thousands of online subscribers. He led the company through several rounds of investment, with private equity placements upwards of $50M, while building the valuation of ACE to over $200M. Later, he launched several more education companies, including Branded Camp Services (BCS), Curious Jane, and more.

Doug plays a key role in creating Bamboo’s approach to budget and development planning. His experience with contract negotiation, conducting financial transactions, and developing strategic partnerships is key to building the strong relationships which Bamboo maintains with the project’s Development Team and Operational Partners.


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Spa Design - Under a Tree

Under a Tree is an international consultancy of hospitality and spa specialists. They create new and optimize existing spas, hotels, and health and wellness businesses. Under a Tree was founded by Amy McDonald, a 30 year veteran in the spa industry and an internationally recognized leader in green spa development. Under a Tree will consult during the planning and design phase of Bamboo’s Spa facilities. Their team will also work with Bamboo to create spa programs that integrate traditional healing concepts from Jamaica, along with a variety of services found in high-end resort spas.

Bamboo Architect - Bamboo Technologies

Bamboo Technologies has mastered the craft of bamboo construction and the manufacturing of bamboo structural poles. Bamboo Technologies was started in 1995 as a shared vision to create environmentally sustainable housing alternatives. Today, Bamboo Technologies’ signature ‘Bamboo Living Homes’ are produced in Vietnam in their manufacturing facility. These homes are designed to exceed seismic and hurricane requirements of international building codes. Bamboo Technologies will provide bamboo building, engineering, and design expertise throughout the development process.

Lead Developer - Enlighten Development

Enlighten Development is a sustainable Caribbean resort and hotel development company. They offer specialized project planning, management, consulting, and advisory services, distinguished by their expertise in environmentally responsible and socially conscious development. Enlighten takes an innovative approach to development, one intended to lessen environmental impact, reduce operational expenses, address risks associated with climate change, and uplift local communities, while creating luxury destinations that are highly desirable in today’s global tourism and real estate markets. 

Lead Architect - OBMI

OBMI is recognized as one of the world’s leading architectural firms, specializing in master planning and design of mixed-use residential and resort destinations, commercial developments, and civic projects. OBMI’s experienced team is passionate about the creation of successful places, with a distinct respect for culture, history, conservation, sustainability, and heritage. OBMI is based in the Caribbean, with design offices located throughout the region.

Although OBMI was not involved with the development of Bamboo’s conceptual design, created by ELW & Associates, they will be instrumental in developing design solutions that translate Bamboo’s concept into reality. OBMI’s expertise will be vital in the development of Bamboo’s Master Plan, as well as the production of sophisticated renderings and conceptual plans that beautifully depict the architectural design.

Design Architect - Eric Lloyd Wright & Associates

ELW & Associates is a group of Architects and Ecological Designers who are dedicated to working within the natural design element. They specialize in using innovative designs, materials, and technologies that lessen the environmental impact of building. Having studied alongside Frank Lloyd Wright, Eric brings more than 50 years’ experience in organic architecture and a unique approach to design. In creating Bamboo’s Conceptual Master Plan, Eric incorporated classic Wright architectural elements, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor spaces and designing buildings that blend beautifully with the natural environment.

Recording Studio Design - Tree Sound Studios

Tree Sound Studios is Atlanta’s largest recording facility, featuring superior sound quality and sophisticated recording equipment. Tree Sound is recognized for its state-of-the-art equipment, technical expertise, studio design, and eco operations. As the most unique recording studio in Atlanta, Tree Sound hosts an equally unique client list. Leading Artists have recorded music in one of Tree Sound’s five professionally-designed studios, and a wide-range of new musicians experience the inspiration Tree Sound provides each day. Tree Sound Studios is committed to providing the creative atmosphere, combined with technical expertise, needed to accommodate recording projects of all levels.

Renewable Energy (Solar and Wind Power) - Alternative Power Sources Limited

Alternative Power Sources Limited (APS) provides quality consulting, engineering, renewable energy systems and services to developing the value of wind, solar and hydro energy in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean. APS offers a full suite of professional services and solutions including: Commercial and Residential Electrical Design, Energy Audits, Energy Management, Discreet and Hybrid Photovoltaic, Wind, Micro-Hydro, Solar Thermal and Bio-gas systems, Project Feasibility and Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis, and Architectural Design. APS’s clientele includes residential, government, and private industry, and spans education, hospitals/healthcare, commercial, industrial and manufacturing, services, tourism and hospitality, and foodservice.

IT & Telecom Partner: DXI Caribbean

DXI Caribbean focuses on developing, financially justifying and project managing the deployment of Total Technology Programs for the luxury Caribbean mixed-use resort market. Led by Mike Savereux, DXI has since 2005 worked exclusively for Caribbean resort developers and investors to help differentiate their properties in a competitive global market, whilst deploying infrastructures and systems to significantly improve operating efficiency and guest experience.  Mike’s 32-year technology sector experience brings with it a wealth of pragmatism and an understanding of how to apply technology as a business enabler to deliver success.

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