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Located in the

Bamboo Hotel 

The Hotel will offer 60 luxury Eco Suites, each featuring an open room design with high ceilings, veranda gardens, and spectacular views of the Caribbean ocean. Interior design for each Eco Suite is ecologically stylish, featuring plush organic beds, organic cotton towels,

non-toxic paints and finishes, natural carpets, and custom designed bamboo furniture.

Spacious Eco Suites  

Bamboo Hotel

Luxury Hotel and Eco Suites

The resort's Bamboo Hotel will offer 60 suites, all designed to capture the best of what the resort has to offer, including lush tropical surroundings and spectacular coastal views.


At the heart of the resort will be the restaurants where guests and residents will come together for an authentic dining experience based on local flavors, healthy gourmet cuisine, and organic foods.


Other highlights include an organic spa, yoga pavilion, beach facilities, organic agriculture, educational facilities, and an activities center. 

  • Spacious 1 Bedroom Eco Suites
  • Non-Toxic Living Environment*
  • Sophisticated Bamboo Architecture
  • Bamboo T & G Finished Floors
  • Four Post Bed w/ Mosquito net
  • Organic Cotton Mattress & Box Springs
  • Organic 100% Cotton/ Hemp Linens 
  • Custom Designed Bamboo Furniture​

*All Eco Suites will be free of materials that leach formaldehyde, dioxin, V.O.C’s, and other toxins commonly

found in conventional building materials.

  Accommodations Include:

  • Geothermal Air Conditioning
  • Flat Screen TV, CD, and Stereo
  • 100% Natural Toiletries
  • 100% Natural, Non-Toxic Housekeeping
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water
  • Non-Toxic Pest Control
  • Organic Landscaping

Amenities & Activities 

Bamboo Eco Resort will offer a variety of amenities and activities that harmonize with the local environment. The resort will offer guests an experience inspired vacation, including ecotourism, spa travel, adventure travel, luxury island getaway, and Caribbean beach vacations, creating a one of a kind destination.


Activities at the resort will connect guests with the natural beauty that surrounds them, offering the opportunity for active engagement in outdoor pursuits. At the same time, immersion in the rhythms and culture of Jamaica will be at the core of the Bamboo experience. 

“Relaxing spaces designed to nourish the soul 

and lift the spirit”

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