The Spa is the perfect place for people to experience and explore the many healing benefits that cannabis offers.

Cannabis Healing Center

 Cannabis Infused Spa Treatments - Medicinal Cannabis Therapies

Educational Programs - Hemp-Based Nutrition - Cannabis Cafe

The Cannabis Healing Center at Bamboo, to be located within the resort's Wellness Spa,

will offer a relaxing environment for guests seeking cannabis therapies and the

opportunity to utilize medical cannabis as part of their spa treatment.

Cannabis-Infused Health & Wellness

Cannabis and Therapeutic Products Produced from the Cannabis Plant

have a Long Overdue Place in the Spa.

The spa is the perfect place for people to experience and explore the many healing benefits that cannabis offers and no other place in the world is better suited for this than the island of Jamaica. In fact, the cannabis plant offers more natural healing properties and super-food nutritional value than any other plant or herbal based therapy that we are aware of. Cannabis and therapeutic products derived from the plant have a long overdue place in the spa and Bamboo looks forward to offering guests at our wellness spa access to

cannabis-centric health and wellness.

Cannabis Healing Center

Local and international experts and practitioners will offer a variety of cannabis infused spa treatments, medical cannabis therapies, and educational programs. Bamboo's Cannabis Healing Center will feature a focus on preparation of home remedies and edibles, organic growing methods, traditional Jamaican cannabis remedies, and the benefits of highly nutritious hemp foods. The Center's Herb House Cannabis Dispensary will offer a relaxing atmosphere for spa guests to experience a quality selection of high-grade ganja strains, as well as therapeutic cannabis oils, extracts, concentrates, and edibles.      

Jamaica...the ideal travel destination for 

cannabis-infused health & wellness  

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