Spectacular Ocean 


Healthy Living Spaces

With Bamboo’s commitment to sustainable development comes a commitment to assuring that all of the resort’s facilities are both beautiful and safe. The resort will provide healthy living spaces, free of chemical inputs which create indoor air pollution.


From green building materials and organic bedding to all natural housekeeping and organic landscaping, owners at Bamboo will enjoy a vacation home constructed and maintained with highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Bamboo’s villas and condos are designed to appeal to travelers, including couples and families with children, who are seeking unique experiences, in exotic natural places, but not at the expense of the environment or local community.

Private Bamboo Eco Villas & Eco Condominiums

Bamboo Residence

'Healthy living spaces and interior design

guided by the principles of Feng Shui' 

Caribbean Vacation Home

Bamboo will offer villa and condo owners a

one-of-a-kind Caribbean vacation home, featuring organic architecture, sophisticated bamboo construction, and interior design guided by the principles of Feng Shui. Set within the resort’s spectacular 542 acre property site, each residence will be located along the coast, with views of the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and lush tropical landscape.


The residence component at Bamboo is distinguished by the resort’s exquisite bamboo architecture, unique amenities, unspoiled natural beauty, and authentic Jamaica hospitality. The 95 private bamboo Eco Villas and 36 Eco Condos available for ownership will offer a luxury island escape, with complete access to all of the resort’s amenities and services. 

  Accommodations Include:​

  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom Eco Villas

  • 36 Eco Condos

  • Non-Toxic Living Environment*

  • Handcrafted Fieldstone Foundation

  • Sophisticated Bamboo Construction

  • Bamboo T & G Finished Floors

  • Non-Toxic Paints and Finishes

  • Four Post Bed w/ Mosquito net

  • Premium Organic Beds

  • Organic 100% Cotton/Hemp Linen

  • Custom Designed Bamboo Furniture

  • Geothermal Air Conditioning

The villas will include tropical gardens, expansive verandahs, exclusive privacy, chemical free pools, and spacious interiors.

  • Flat Screen TV and Linn Stereo System

  • Outdoor Garden Shower

  • Infinity Lap Pools / Chemical-Free

  • Jacuzzi Tubs w/ Ozonated / UVB Filter

  • Solar and Instantaneous Water Heaters

  • 100% Natural Toiletries

  • Non-Toxic Housekeeping

  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

  • Ecological Wastewater System

  • Non-Toxic Pest Control 

  • Organic Landscaping

  • 100% Non-Toxic Building Maintenance

*All Eco Suites will be free of materials that leach formaldehyde, dioxin, V.O.C’s, and other toxins commonly found in conventional building materials.

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