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'Luxury in Harmony with Nature'

Providing all the comforts of a luxury resort, in an eco-friendly fashion,
while working in partnership with the local community, and operating in harmony with the natural environment.
Bamboo Eco Resort Jamaica

Eco Resort & Wellness Spa

Planned for Development in St. Mary, Jamaica

Caribbean Eco Resort & Wellness Spa
Offering a Variety of Amenities 
and Luxury Accommodations

Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa is an 

innovative ecological resort planned for development in St. Mary, Jamaica. Set within a 542 acre lush tropical paradise, the resort will feature a collection of luxury accommodations, 

a world-class Wellness Spa, and a variety of amenities, activities, and

eco adventure opportunities. Accommodations at Bamboo will include 95 privately owned Eco Villas, 65 Eco Condos, a Hotel with

60 Eco Suites, and 25 Bamboo Bungalows. Bamboo will collaborate with the Bob Marley family to create a One Love Music Village, which will honor the musical legend Bob Marley, and showcase Jamaica’s vibrant music culture, as a part of the resort’s amenities. Guest will enjoy a selection of several restaurants featuring locally influenced menus and fresh organic foods grown on-site.

Organic Architecture, Bamboo Building, Ecological Development, and Social Responsibility 

Architect Eric Lloyd Wright, grandson of renowned Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, has designed the resort's Conceptual Master Plan with careful consideration given to environmental preservation and community impact. Bamboo will take an innovative approach to sustainable development, utilizing green building materials, ecological wastewater management, and renewable energy throughout the resort. With bamboo as the primary building material, the resort will be beautifully integrated into the tropical landscape. Bamboo was selected as the core building material not only due to its physical and aesthetic properties, but also because of its relationship to Jamaican culture. This connection between nature, the built environment, and local tradition is representative of the concept behind Bamboo Eco Resort & Spa.

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Experience Inspired Jamaican Resort, Located Along One of the Island's Most Pristine and Dramatic Coastal Regions

The proposed property is a

spectacular 542 acres of undeveloped coastal land with tropical forests, flowing rivers, a large private cove,

and secluded beaches. This

off-the-beaten path location provides a true tropical paradise. Drawing from the inherent natural beauty of the region and a complimentary

built environment, Bamboo will convey the atmosphere and lifestyle of a luxury Caribbean resort, presenting a relaxing island vacation destination that is uniquely Jamaican. 

Offering ‘Luxury in Harmony with Nature’, guests at Bamboo can rejuvenate at the Wellness Spa, enjoy delicious healthy cuisine, relax on one of 6 private beaches, hike to hidden waterfalls, SCUBA dive in

the warm Caribbean waters, and

enjoy live reggae music; all

from one destination.  

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